Slicoo dual-layer TPU rubber protective case for iPhone 6 [Review]

IMG_2322Fantastic Case To Protect Your iPhone 6

The Slicoo dual-layer protective case has several things going for it- if you are looking for a slim and lightweight, but protective case for your iPhone. While it doesn’t add significant bulk to the phone, the dual-layer with rubber adds a level of protection to the phone that basic cases cannot boast.

The case is flexible enough to easily be placed on your phone, but strong and sturdy enough to give you peace of mind. The two pieces to the case include the rubber inner layer and a harder outer shell of solid coloring. We have tested two of these cases – in silver and in gold – and both have been favorites. My husband has claimed the silver, and I the gold, and we each have repeatedly returned to these cases between testing others in our collection. It’s back on my phone right this minute, in fact.

The colors really are pleasing, but the main attraction has been the texture. Neither of us are partial to slick cases, and many are too slippery for us to want to handle them often. We love that the Slicoo cases have a very slight rubbery feel to them, which makes them easier to hold as well as keeping them from sliding off of every random surface on which we toss them.

The dual-layer protection is very important to us, as we have three children ranging from infancy to mid-elementary, IMG_2321and they run off with our phones regularly. I am honestly best off with a life-proof case as I have fished many a cell phone out of watery graves in my day, and I drop or toss my phone on the ground daily.

I have to say, however, that (while not waterproof) this case from Slicoo is my favorite so far. It isn’t heavy, bulky, slippery, or ugly – and it is easy to hold and provides shock protection for the 437 times I’ll drop it this week while living life with kids. I have had plenty of opportunity to put my life-proof case back on my phone this week, but I’ve picked this case instead every time. No joke. I’d say it’s a keeper.


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