Brightech Energy Glove Charging Case

Brightech Energy Glove Charging Case

This case is black in color with a hard back that the phone lays within. There is rubberized edging that fits around the phone. There were times that the case edging was pulling away from the phone edge. Leaving the phone exposed. The rubberized feel was so rubberized that it would create a bounce when dropped. The battery was average. 3000mAh that would not charge device while charging the case. Had to take case off the phone when case needed charged.

This case has been one of our better cases we have been given to review. The hard outer case with rubberized edging is a solid protective cover for the phone, giving a little bounce when dropped (which happens regularly), and keeping the phone safe.

The battery life was average and acceptable for everyday use, but the phone does not charge while the case is charging. The case must be removed and the case and phone must be charged separately. This was a bit of a pain, compared to other battery cases we’ve used. The case also peeled back from the phone a little bit, which is not desirable, but also not a huge deal.

Overall, this is a solid protective battery case that we have gotten a good deal of use out of. We will continue to use it and would recommend it.

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