BRG 2nd Generation Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 6

This case is attractive and seemed like it would be very useful, as I do not carry a purse and frequently have to grab my phone and wallet and run out the door. I thought that this would be a perfect solution for my needs. However, while it does keep my phone and cards handy, there really isn’t enough room for more than a few cards before the wallet won’t close properly. There also isn’t anywhere for change- which would of course only make it more difficult to close, but I frequently need change for parking meters in our little town, and that ultimately will keep me from using this wallet regularly.

The case itself is also not particularly protective. For a basic case, it is decent- and the wallet does add a layer of protection, but for my needs, my phone would be out of the wallet a good deal of them time and it would not be same from my typical use.


There are a lot of things that I do like about it- I like the wrist strap, and the color, as well as tucking my phone into the wallet and being able to remove it easily with the magnet. I prefer this to a typical folio style and if you only need a few cards and no change, I imagine this would be a perfect wallet case. I will probably use it for certain situations and events and think it makes a good addition to my case collection.

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