EC Technology 1600mAh power bank review

This sleek 16,000mAh power bank from EC is a must in your on the go kit, after playing around with this for a month now I can tell you it never leaves my bag. Those long days when you’re out and about, come to look at your phone and realize that you’re at 15%, this will certainly help you out.

On a full charge I can get roughly 7-9 charges out of my Galaxy S4, its capacity is one major benefit as with other devices I have owned spent more times charging themselves. It has a very appealing black on red design, simple but effective being a very nice piece of kit to have around. It comes with its own micro USB cable and is surprisingly of a very good quality after every day use for a while now showing no signs of wear. Not only this, there is a handy little torch build in making this perfect if you may be out at night charging as you can also see what you are doing without having to use your devices torch.

Overall I am very impressed with this and I will sure to be keeping this with me at all times just in case I need that extra power boost. If you find yourself in need of a mobile charge frequently then make sure that the EC Power Bank is on your list to buy.

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