Best Sit Stand Desk 2019: Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk


The best sit stand desk in 2019, in my opinion, goes to the Flexispot height adjustable desk. Prices range from about $299 and up. There are definitely other choices out there, but for the money, I don’t think you can go wrong with this great office desk.

Flexispot First Impressions

I’ve always wanted a height adjustable desk, let alone an automatic one. The model I have for this review is the SanoDesk Pro – Premium Quick-Install Height Adjustable Desk $599. The boast saying it takes 5 minutes to set up, that’s a little bit off, but nonetheless doesn’t take long to get set up.

The construction is solid with a mahogany wood deck and grey metal frame. There is a black color available as well. The operation is quiet and smooth. I love the three programmable settings for adjusting different height levels. The desk controls also include a stand timer to help you remember to stand after a certain amount of time, which is very helpful.

Flexispot Review

After using this desk for a few weeks, I am still stoked about using this as my daily driver workstation. I spend hours a day at my desk and this checks off all the boxes I want from a desk.

  • Large spread
  • Fits my tall self
  • Quality materials
  • Height adjustable
  • Electric
  • Mahagony and grey design


Flexispot provides a few accessories to consider to accommodate the desk.

  • Mat
  • Bike
  • CPU holder


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