[Review] 1byone Slim-Fit battery case for iPhone 6

slim-fit 2The 1byone Slim-fit battery case has been a big hit at our house. Initially surprised by the color, we have come to love the bright yellow. It grows on you. A lot.

Aside from being easy to find in a bag, the Slim-fit battery case has a lot going for it. The shape is unusual and has a nice heft and feel to it. The case is easy to install and remove, with clip locks on the top piece, and it fits belt holsters for iPhone 6 plus (if you’re into belt holsters).

The lithium-polymer power is between Mophie Juice pack Plus (3300mAh) and Juice Pack Ultra (3950mAh) at 3500mAh and charged the phone easily and quickly. You can also stop charging to save battery life for later, which is nice.

Another plus is that the phone can sync with iTunes via cable without removing the case. Mophie advertises this, but ours never worked.

The only real con is that the mute button is difficult to reach without fingernails, girl hands, or the end of a pen. We’ve worked with it, but it was originally a frustration.

Overall, the 1byone Slim-Fit battery case is a keeper.



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