6 best Android 6.0 Marshmallow features


1. App Permissions
First up, app permissions. App permissions have been overhauled in Android Marshmallow, you can now choose to accept or deny individual permissions as you see fit. Instead of being asked permission at the point of installation when you use a feature you will now be requested the first time you try to use a feature. If you want to record a voice message, WhatsApp will prompt you with a one-time request for permission to use your mic. You can modify the permissions granted to apps as well at a later date in your Settings, or you can view permissions by type and see which apps have that permission granted. This helps you gain more control over your Android device.

screener_20151005(17-06-10)2. Now On Tap
Google Now on Tap, is an amazing feature which acts as a contextual assistance on your phone. ‘Now on Tap’ as it’s called anticipates what you need in the moment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your mobile browser or in an app, just touch and hold the home button and you will be greeted with information on your screen through google now like cards. For example of your friends ask you about a restaurant and you have never heard of it, you press and hold down the home button and information about that place will pop up. So where it is, any ratings from websites, social media pages etc…


3. System UI Tuner
The system UI tuner in Android Marshmallow allows users to quickly and efficiently change the ‘quick setting’ toggles found when you double swipe down from the notification bar. This means that users are able to customize the order of the settings, add or remove settings which you use and don’t use so that it is completely personal. To access the system UI tuner, you tap and hold on the settings icon in the notification tray until the cog starts to spin which will takes you into settings and the setting will appear at the bottom. once rearranged a tip would be to disable it by tapping and holding on the settings cog again because a spanner will appear next to it and stay which doesn’t really look pleasant.


4. Doze
Doze or Project Doze as Google liked to call it, helps to improve device standby time. When your device is idle, dose puts your device into a sleep state. By using the devices various motion detectors, Android will recognize when your device is idle as there has been no activity, for example when a person is asleep or a phone has been left on a table, it reduce background processes.


5. Mobile Payments
Android Pay is Google’s new mobile payment system, designed to make your purchasing and checkout experience faster and more seamless. Google is aiming to provide ‘Simplicity, security and choice’ with Android Pay, this allows you to use your existing credit cards with 700,000 US stores.This leads me on to my next feature ⬇.


6. Fingerprint Support
Last week Google announced their new Android Nexus flagship phones, the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X. With these devices comes a fingerprint sensor on the back of the devices which Google in calling ‘Nexus Imprint’. Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes with native fingerprint support, this means you can unlock your device, makes purchases through the Google Play store, authenticate transactions in apps and pay in stores.


Honorable Mention – Visual Voicemail
What’s visual voicemail and why is it so special? It is basically what it sounds like, voicemails which you can see. I really like this feature because visual voicemail presents your voicemail through a visual interface which you interact, rather than the audio-based setup found on most smartphones these days. It makes it easier to manage your voicemails, and you will be able to see them so you don’t miss them once you have swiped the notification away.

There are other features baked into the system like support for USB-C for charging, syncing, data transferring, and charging a device through another device, such as charging your phone through your tablet. Also there is a vertical scrolling app draw which presents most used apps throughout the day at the top, this can also be disabled. Storage gets a makeover, so it’s now easier to see what is taken up which space, improved cut, copy and paste functionality. You can also rotate your homescreen 180 degrees now as well.

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