Renew 3 – A Renewed Order

Renew 3 – A Renewed Order

There is no wrong way to draw close to God. 

Matthew 6:33

Seek Him first. 

Break down religious mindsets. 

We need to get our house in order:

-Closet: get rid of what doesn’t fit you. 

Hebrews 12:1

A renewed life will cost us something. If we go after God seriously God will clean out your closet. Some things in our life just don’t fit. 

-Garage: get the clutter in order. 

This represents our life. 

Luke 21:34

-Checkbook: Get our Finances in order. 

Tithe, save, spend 

Malachi 3:10. 

The storehouse is the Church. 

A miracle will out weigh a theory any day. 

Proverbs 20:21

Luke 14:28

-Kitchen: get our health in order. 

Be a good steward. Stop self gratification. 

-Living Room. Get quality time in order. 

Reconnect with the most important people in your life. 

-Bedroom. Get our purity in order. 

Pure hearts and minds. 

Ephesians 5:3

Compare to the Word. Not the world. 

•The thing that needs to be first to have a good order is His presence. 

We love to come to God on our terms. 

We need to restore the presence of God. 

2 Samuel 6:12

1- when it comes to the presence of God we need to do whatever it takes to restore the presence of God. 

We are going to have to humble ourselves. We need him in control. Not just go through the motions. He needs to lead us. Make your life count. 

Verse 13. 

We obey out of delight and not out of duty. 

There is a religious spirit that keeps us where we are. Break religious pride. Church critic instead of a lover of God. Don’t pass judgment. Renew passion for people. Let us see people through Your eyes. 

•Gods presence blesses everyone. When we put him first. 

Verse 20. 

Follow through in trying times. 

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