What’s a QR Code?

One of the great ways companies, websites and products spread the word about their content is a simple looking square called a “QR Code.” Ever see one of these?


This QR Code will take you directly to www.Bane-Tech.com. I have it installed in a few places like my business card, some profile pics and I have ready to send in an email. So how do you use one of these things? First you must download a “barcode” app from your App Store. Simply go to the respective app store and search for “barcode.” There will be a few to choose from, best bet is to download the one with the most downloads. My personal favorite is Google Goggles for Android and Google Search for iOS (which has Goggles within the app).

After installing the barcode of choice, open the app and follow any introduction instructions. Most barcode apps will have a screen that looks something like this:


So the next step is to hover this looking screen over a barcode and the code will send you wherever the code is programmed to lead you to. It is that easy. I like to have a barcode app on my homescreen ready to be opened as soon as I may need it. Sometimes QR Codes are placed for quick access. At times you may see them placed on billboards, bulletin boards or announcement boards.

Have you seen these QR Codes laying around? Did you know what it was? If so what are some examples that you have seen? Have you created one yourself? Would you like help creating one? Let us know your experiences with QR Codes. If you have any questions let us know.

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