Verizon’s investment in Alabama

Verizon’s investment in Alabama has been over $604 million since 2015. I love hearing news about improvements in my home state of Alabama. I’ve lived here since 2004. The state of Alabama statistically is one of the worst states in many categories and I will take ANY improvements. Verizon investing making the network stronger means […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Amazon promo

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Amazon promo: Dex Pad Wireless Charger

Amazon is offering their own promo for getting the new Note 9. This promo, in my opinion, is the best freebies offer. Samsung, whether buying through them or other stores, are offering free AKG headphones or Fortnite skins as a pre-order deal. Amazon is offering better accessories that I think more customers would like versus […]

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Best deals for the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Pre-orders)

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 yesterday and today you’re able to start pre-ordering the new beastly phone. If you’re looking to get the new phone, I would pre-order it because there are many perks involved. Where To Buy Right now Samsung and Verizon are the best places to order. If you’re with Verizon or […]

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