Moment Pro Camera

Moment Pro Camera- New App Update iOS 3.5 Shoot in Raw Format From Your Phone!

Mobile filmmaking and photos at a new level. The Moment Pro App helps you to make quality work right from your mobile device. The ability to shoot in a flat profile  and in RAW is a game changer! With that being said, there are several other features this app offers.

Full Manual

Exposure, ISO, shutter speed,
focus, and white balance.

Custom control

  • Everything you actually use,
    nothing you don’t.

Live Histogram

  • Get your exposure right
    in camera every time.

Manual focus

  • For unmatched control
    over your images.

Raw Files

  • Shoot photos in RAW format
    for amazing editing.

plus lots more…

Moment Pro Camera

“Moment Pro now spans across both photo and video including RAW and full manual controls to easily adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, image format, and key ingredients in great mobile filmmaking like color profiles, bitrates, waveforms, RGB histograms and now both PAL and NTSC frame rates.

Moment Pro Camera App– manual camera controls and professional-level video filmmaking, now on your phone. Free to download and try. $4.99 to unlock professional photo and (New!) advanced video features.”

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You can also add to your kit buy grabbing one of the Moment lens cases from Nomad to go along with the app. See more HERE.