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NUU Mobile X4 review – Budgeted greatness

Lets start off the NUU Mobile X4 review, with this, I am a hardcore Android User, I like my flagships, daily driver at the time of writing was a Nexus 6P running the Android N Developer Preview.

With that said, I have actually been very happy with using this phone for the last month. It has been a solid performer with everything I have thrown at it. Very little lag has been shown, NUU Mobile put a lot of effort into the optimization of the software to keep it as close to stock (BEST) as possible with little tweaks that have been helpful. I wish they did go with traditional NFC instead of HotKnot for small file transfers. As I do not have another device with HotKnot I could not test that out to see how well it worked. But there are reviews of that on YouTube to see that in action.


The feel (the allure) of this phone feels very premium. The aluminum sides are magnificent, the weight is perfect in hand and the size is perfect. Not too big, but not too small. The battery door is another thing, I would have liked to see it go with a different texture, or material. Something that was not so finger printy. But I did get it with a Tudia Case,  ->TUDIA Slim-Fit MERGE Dual Layer Protective Case for NUU Mobile X4 Smartphone (Mint)<- Which helped with the grip of holding the phone, although it hides the glamour of that aluminum.


For a 720P display I am very impressed with the brightness and color contrast. In the settings of the display there is MiraVision™ which lets you change so many different settings for the “Basic Color Tuning”, “Advanced Tuning” “Contrast Enhancement”. Along with a “Quick Mode” So you can change it to the warmth or coolness of the display. +1 for that!


Granted the NUU Mobile X4 has 1GB of RAM, but it feels and acts like it has 2GB of RAM which is that awesome software optimization. The MediaTek processor it has is not as well-known as the SnapDragon’s from Qualcomm. However MediaTek processors are in the same field as Qualcomm except for the price. As an average user if no one else told you about the processor, except that it’s a “Dual/Quad/Octa Core” you would not know the difference. And that is a good thing, especially since going with the MediaTek it helps keep the price down for you and I.

NUU Mobile X4

Sound Quality

Unfortunately the NUU Mobile X4 is not fully there. Don’t plan on playing your music while out at the beach, or at the park. It will not hold up. But don’t fret, NUU Mobile also sells Bluetooth Speakers which will help this phone out a lot. But if you are watching a YouTube video in the kitchen on how to cook something, or learning how to do something. It’s a speaker that will play for you. The ear buds that came with the phone sound great and an added bonus!


So the camera’s on this phone is a 13MP rear, and a 5MP front. They are good if you are taking a picture to remember a memory and share with someone quickly. If you are wanting to make it big and be famous on Instagram, this is not for you! Might as well get a dedicated camera for that matter anyways!

NUU Mobile X4


The NUU Mobile X4 will last a good day with average use. I was getting a little less than a full day with mine only because I use mine for music all day long.
My brightness is always at 100% unless I lower it for being in a pitch black room or so. But I know if I lowered it more often it would last a little longer.

NUU Mobile X4


If you want/need a phone to do the basics this is THE phone to get, the NUU Mobile X4 will hold up to some of the top of the line flagships around. It also has the functionality of the great customization that other phones have except at half, or more, the price. With all the little kinks it does have, it is a great phone to own, and I am very happy to be able to use it and have it.
Without comparing to other devices it is a beautiful phone, sleek design and GREAT price, again GREAT price!





Source | NUU Mobile

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