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Why the Huawei Watch is still the best smartwatch to get

The Huawei Watch is arguably the best smartwatch to get these days, even among watches that have been released after it. It took a while to get a large selection of smartwatches to arrive on the scene and though there are many to choose from, the Huawei Watch is still the best one to get. There’s a few reasons to pick this watch over the others, so let’s dig in.


Back when smartwatches were coming out and LG released the G Watch, I did not bite. Mainly because I wanted to invest in something that actually looks like a watch, not a toy. No offense to the G Watch, but it looked very cheap and not worth the money. So I waited for the Moto 360 and I’m glad I did.

Fast forward, since then I’ve owned the LG Urbane and Ticwatch 1st generation. All three I’ve owned look like real watches and function just fine, but the Huawei Watch…

The Huawei Watch not only looks like a real watch, it has a crisp display, premium materials, and plenty of variations to choose from. Which leads me to my next point.

Huawei Watch


Most smartwatches only come with one to three designs to choose from. Most of the time only options of a black, brown, or metal wristband. At best giving an option of silver or gold frames. The Huawei Watch comes in countless varieties to choose from. Meaning there’s a Huawei Watch for anyone. Huawei was and is one of the only companies who kept the ladies in mind. Most smartwatches these days are catered to guys and it’s nice to see that Huawei is providing something for anyone regardless of your demographic.


Android is my primary OS, which gives me more options of what smartwatch to use. However, if you’re sporting iOS, you don’t have as many options. Personally, even if I used an iPhone I wouldn’t use an Apple Watch. In my opinion, the Apple Watch looks like a toy and is way overpriced.

Again, this is where the Huawei Watch provides something for everyone, because it is also iOS compatible. If you’re an iPhone user I would seriously consider getting this watch if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch.

Being that the Huawei Watch works with both Android and iOS, it’s a must-buy watch. Especially if you like to bounce between the two platforms.


This might be my favorite point. With all that is said from above, Huawei sets this thing for sale quite often and at very nice prices. I think it’s on sale more than not. Mind you’ve got to watch where the deals happen. One of the recent sales happened had it for about $200, which is a heck of deal.

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Huawei Watch

Updates/ Developer Friendly

The Huawei Watch is one of the few that is vigilant with updates and being developer friendly. Meaning that you’re going to have the latest Android Wear version. Along with developers have one of the best watches to test out apps and builds with pre-public released software versions.

Final Thoughts

The Huawei Watch is the best smartwatch to get because of the elegant design variations and won’t break the bank. The Huawei Watch is worth every penny.

Not only the watch a great deal, it comes with a culture of users who are very proud of what they own. Once you get the watch join the Google+ Community and follow the hashtags #HuatchfaceWednesday and #HuaweiWatch to see what owners are posting across social media.





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