Mobile hatred – here we go again

Right-WrongToday was the first day that Apple fans could buy the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus. As expected, there were lines in many cities and towns around the world with some people camping out for weeks to get theirs on day one. The number of satisfied (those who were able to go home with the latest Apple icon) and the number of disappointed (those who didn’t make it to the counter before their selected outlet ran out of stock) were certainly in the thousands or greater.

Not to be outdone (even though they were), Samsung made sure that their latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 4 could be pre-ordered today. At least for AT&T and Verizon customers. Sadly, Sprint and T-Mobile buyers will have to wait until next week. But, IPhone aficionados had their hands on the phone and the spotlight on them today with headlines (especially about lines), comparisons and reviews all over Youtube.

And, as usual, the IOS and Android haters and revilers had to be heard from. Commenting that Samsung sucks, Apple sucks Google sucks and on and on and on. No matter which platform you may prefer, if you follow mobile information on any of the social media sites, you hear this kind of stuff all year round. But, there is always an abundance of insults and jeering at this time of year. And, for what? Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Lenovo, ZTE, One Plus, Xiaomi, Oppo and even Blackberry all make great phones and deliver wonderful services. And yes, I know I’ve left other good one’s out.

Here’s the point that I’m trying to make. There are 15 mobile manufacturers I’ve named and I bet one of them makes a smartphone that you like or love. And that’s great for you and for the other guy/gal that is very happy with that phone you wouldn’t pay a dime for. But, just because you don’t like it, are you not able to be glad that they have a device that pleases them as much as your’s pleases you? Must we bash each other for enjoying something different or larger or smaller or whatever? I don’t see anything positive in that. And I feel sorry for those that do.

So, I’ll keep on enjoying my Android phone and being happy for my friends who love their IPhone 6, Plus, 5s or 5 (yes, some of them still enjoy that one). I’m glad that you like IOS and that I like Material Design. I’m happy for the Windows phone lovers and the Blackberry faithful. Do they or I need your support about our choice of a mobile device? Not really. But, I believe we’d all be better off without the ‘meanness of spirit’ attitude that so often is expressed and better served by enjoying each other’s enjoyment.

Just my humble opinion.

George Hayes

Married to my best friend since 1987. We have six grand-children and three great-grandchildren. Began writing for Bane-Tech August 2014, due to an ever-growing passion for mobile and Android in particular. Computer programmer 1981 to 2015. Currently retired. Active You Tuber (Mobile Geezer: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Google Plus - Sax player and singer in various bands (rock and R&R) since the mid 60's. Avid motorcycle rider (Gold Wing), bicyclist and exercise enthusiast. Extreme lover of driving and biking (motorcycle). The more thousand miles the trip, the happier I am as the driver. Dedicated, Bible-believing Christian who makes no judgments on others .