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Back in January, Belkin demoed their new WeMo LEDs at CES – Las Vegas. Though, they were expected to be in stores by the spring, delays were encountered. But, now the smart, app-enabled light bulbs are for sale and at a price which is less than Belkin originally stated. $100 for a 2 bulb starter kit will get you started and each additional bulb is $30.

The new Wemo bulbs are IFTTT-compatible with easy to use app controls. They are efficient and have stronger color rendering than the TCP and Philips smart bulbs. The starter kit comes with two bulbs and Belkin’s WeMo link which allows you to control them. The Wemo link is a plug-in device a little larger than a phone charger. Unlike the Philips bulb, the Wemo link does not require you to plug a hub into your router. This like can be plugged in wherever you prefer.

After installing the Wemo app on your phone, you simply plug in the link and connect up to your Wi-Fi network. Rule creation is included, meaning that you’ll be able to turn on the lights by triggering the WeMo motion detector, if you so prefer. Also, the bulbs are fully dimmable through the app, but you don’t want them connected to in-wall dimmer switch mechanisms, which would cause a conflict.

Smart capabilities within the app allow scheduling, lighting fade in or out, sleep mode and other features. The IFTTT (if this, then that) app features give you an assortment of Web services to choose from to do all sorts of things (even Facebook posts, if that’s your style). Belkin says that the IFTTT channel will not be immediately available at launch, but it’s expected to go live soon. IFTTT also integrates with Philips Hue smart bulbs.

Adding a WeMo system to my home is something that I’ll likely be doing in the near future. Having this kind of convenience and accessibility while gradually creating a ‘smart home’ is pretty cool. Are you likely to look into the Belkin WeMo system?

Source: CNET

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