TYLT’s new iPhone 6 accessories

Apple officially released their flagship phones for the year 2014. Sales soared, the new iPhone was trending, and now those who bought the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus are left looking for some new cases to protect and compliment their new investment. TYLT is one of my favorite mobile device accessory companies. Their style and quality is top notch! Therefore, you should check out what they have to offer and stay tuned here at Bane Tech for future reviews coming soon!

First up is iPhone 6 products and Plus products to follow soon. If you keep up with TYLT products the two products described below should be familiar.

ENERGI Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6 ($99.99): This sleek protective case includes a built-in 3,200mAh rechargeable battery to keep your iPhone 6 charged 24/7. The exterior charging case can also be removed, revealing a new and improved protective TPU-lined inner case for enhanced drop protection. TYLT recently launched a similar power case for the Samsung Galaxy S5; the iPhone 6 version has been improved even further with its larger battery capacity.

ALIN Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 ($34.99): TYLT’s first-ever glass screen protector is the perfect way to keep your new iPhone 6 clean and scratch-free. The included snap-on alignment tool guarantees correct positioning, making the dreaded screen protector installation process easier than ever. Check out the Galaxy S5 video for a similar demonstration.

Both of these products are stellar in my opinion and offer some sweet options for your new iPhone 6. The ENERGI Sliding Power Case is great for having a nice protective case with the option to add a battery pack. The ALIN is super user friendly to put a screen protector on. It is perfect for anyone who struggles installing screen protectors. Not too mention the screen protection.

There is not an exact release day as of yet but we do know they will be available in Q4. TYLT also has plans for the iPhone 6 Plus too, so stay tuned, and I’ll update you as soon as more info comes across the desk of Bane Tech.

In the mean time, check the photo below and other TYLT product reviews by clicking HERE.

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