Microsoft to Release a Keyboard for Android Wear? (Yes you heard that right)

Microsoft, the makers of Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office, and there baby Windows Phone has made an onscreen well rounded Analog Keyboard for Android Wear?!.. Yes its awesome I must say, and for this to be an experimental development build it leap frogs past others that have tried like Minuum Keyboard giving Android users the ability of handwriting messages or inputting text to be delivered over your Android Wear device!

I myself and others would say texting on a small screen like 1.63in (LG G Watch) and other devices of the same caliber would be challenging plus unheard of, but in the video posted above changes my opinion in a good way! Innovation and practical use, you go Microsoft what a great attempt at a Keyboard that works great in a small real estate! Let us know what you think about their attempt at having a input keyboard on a Smart Watch in the comment section or other social media! Is it worth your wild (I now say yes)!

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