When will Android get release date love like an iPhone?

Many Android fans have had to deal with biting at the bit when it comes to release dates with various devices. We never really know of an exact date of when an Android phone will come out. On the other hand, there is not a problem with carriers providing the iPhone on release day. It’s time for Android to get the same love!

I could understand maybe a couple years ago the priority of pumping out the iPhone when it is announced because let’s face it, regardless of what side of the spectrum you stand on, the iPhone has and will continue to get favor in the eyes of our beloved carriers. Android back then was still playing catchup in the mobile industry, but these days I think it is safe to say the playing field has leveled out. Therefore, I want to start seeing carriers give the same respect to Android devices as they do Apple. I think Google needs to put the hammer down and demand some respect or start playing hard to get.

For example, the Note 4 started showing up on T-Mobile customer’s doorsteps today. Meanwhile, other subscribers from other carriers get to drool over unboxing videos from YouTubers like wwjoshdew. To rub it in a bit more, if you follow my social media and videos you’d know that I recently decided to not use T-Mobile, but continue using Verizon instead. These days there are many devices I’d love to have, however I can only focus my attention on one device and I have chosen to go with the Note 4. Not too mention since my switch back to Verizon from T-Mobile, I had to sell my OnePlus One and begin using my backup phone, which is the Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Needless to say, I am very anxious to get my hands on the Note 4.

Originally Verizon’s website displayed October 17th as the shipping date that complimented the pre-orders. Now the date is set to October 23rd or 24th. Many Verizon subscribers are annoyed with Verizon yet again dragging their feet on releasing the Note 4. “They were on point with the HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5,” DroidModderX points out in a recent conversation and he is right.

What’s the hold up Verizon? I love your network, it is the best in my area, but I am tired of Android devices getting the treatment a red headed step child receives. Why is it that a smaller company like T-Mobile can break free their phones before you? Could it be because you are busy locking down bootloaders, inflating with more bloatware that nobody wants, or possibly you’re simply Apple’s little whipping boy (trying to keep this rated PG).

[Sigh] While I know this dream of Android getting the same love, treatment, and favor as what an iPhone gets is not going to happen any time soon…I can still have hopes of seeing Android getting what it has long deserved. Think about it, Apple fan boys know when an iPhone is being released. Therefore, are able to plan to get the iPhone to stand in line or load up a website to click-n-buy. Android fans though…not so much.

Are you ready for Android to get the same treatment as iPhones get from carriers? Sound off in the comments.

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