Capacitive or on-screen buttons?

There is a lot of buzz these last few days about if devices should have capacitive or on-screen buttons. Blog after blog after blogs is talking about the two options. The Note 4, Nexus 6, and Droid Turbo are on the horizon to be released really soon and many people have opposite opinions of how devices ought to place their buttons on a screen or not. Actually, some people are rather passionate about the whole subject.

Personally, I like capacitiveĀ buttons because it allows more screen real-estate allowing the whole screen to be used versus having space waisted. There have been times where I have had a screen freeze up and on-screen buttons become useless. Therefore, having capacitive buttons help back out of a screen or situation that I can escape. Anyways… that’s my short two cents of why I like capacitive buttons.

However, regardless of what side you reside on there is one device that has done it right. That device is the OnePlus One. The One gives the option to have one or the other concerning if the users wants to use capacitive or on-screen buttons. It’s the perfect option and pleases both sides the argument. That feature alone was one of my favorite features of the CM11S the One offered. In my opinion this feature needs to be option every device has in their OS.

With that said, what’s your thoughts on how the buttons are to be installed on a device? Sound off in the comments.

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