Obesity awareness – Drop and Give Me 20 YouTube Challenge – Updated

As you may know I am all about the people doing good in life and I love helping people plus I give back as well. Links here and here are a few of the things I write about and have done for people! Plus I help people get to know their Android device as well with Xposed Framework on Google Plus, the proud owner and happy to help! Plus flashing The WugFresh Nexus Root Toolkit method. Let’s keep this simple and straight forward to the point Drop and Give Me 20 Challenge! A new YouTube challenge I agree with! I believe people should be more in fit with their lives in the mental and physical state! Yes I am no YouTuber video making guru or buff, but I am a YouTube magnet when it comes to people finding me and me finding them! Kenn B on YouTuber has my interest with a new challenge called Drop and Give Me 20 Challenge for obesity awareness!


His challenge is for obesity awareness in the USA (Everyone in the world is included and welcome) Riaz Mohamed, developer of X-Blast Tools for Xposed Framework I’m looking at you dog. All you need to do is 20 push-ups and ask your 3 good friends to do the same! I have that covered as of today hehe! It could be friends on YouTube or other social media like Google Plus and Facebook hell the friend next door. First up is Jimmy Jones graphic designer on Bane-Tech.com (20 push-ups dog), next is Thomas Sergeant of Rootjunky.com (20 push-ups dog), and last the Editor & chief of Bane-Tech.com Joshua Bane (21 push-ups dog lol), (cough cough WWjoshdew  20 push-ups dog no lol)!  So all, what do you think and feel on obesity awareness? I think we all need motivation, can I help and be that motivation for you? So sound off guys and girls! 20 push-ups is all to start with so stay fit In mind body and soul! Plus involve your family and friends! One love and Cheers all!

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Calling out: Jimmy Jones, Thomas Sergeant, and Joshua Bane (cough cough Josh McAllister WWjoshdew)

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