Life imitating art? Or art transforming into life

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In a partnership slowly making imagination reality, Transformer creator Tomy Co. Ltd. and Brave Robotics, Asratec Corp. have combined to create a REAL Transformer. Named J-deite, the one-quarter scaled, bipedal robot can transform into to a small sports car, about three feet long. Not large enough to drive yet, but working.

Though small. the 77 pound robot is made with blue car body panels and the Optimus Prime face. Immediately recognizable, this member of the Transformer family, known officially as J-deite Quarter (its size being one-fourth of the final planned size) stands five feet tall.

In its car-mode, J-deite is a two-seater, which can drive up to 6 miles per hour with 1.5 inches of clearance. It also can walk at the same speed, while moving its arms, hands and fingers. Running on a proprietary software known as V-Sido developed by Wataru Yoshizaki of Asratec Corp,, Tomy Company’s partner in the project, J-deite can run for approximately one hour on a single charge.

The current plan is to build a full-size J-deite Transformer between now and 2020 that turns into a 16 foot long car. “The goal of Project J-deite is the building of a giant transformable robot 5 m long. It is the same size as a car. An object of the same size transforms, walks, and runs.”, explains Kenji Ishiba, the Brave Robotics developer. It is not clear if that final-sized Transformer will actually have a driver in the car.

For some time now, we’ve been living in a world where fiction becomes reality. Think of the technologies that were in Star Trek, Dick Tracy, Inspector Gadget and others that have become or are becoming reality. I’m not sure where all of this is going, but it’s pretty cool to watch these things develop.

Stay tuned. Same Bat time. Same Bat channel.


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