Note 4 developer edition coming to Verizon soon and why I might get it over the Nexus 6

The day I write about the reasons why I am not getting the Note 4 is the same day I learn there is a Note 4 developer edition coming to Verizon. This variant will come with an unlocked bootloader, minus Verizon bloatware, and packing all the TouchWiz beefiness. There is no release date as of the writing of this post, but should be soon.

This setup actually makes my head spin because I am so torn between getting the Note 4 or the Nexus 6. For all the reasons of why I am considering getting the Nexus 6 over the Note 4, click HERE.

Two features I want the Nexus 6 to have is a removable battery and expandable memory. Especially expandable memory because I have good 32GB micro sd card that will not be used in a device other than my DSLR. I just simply like having the option to have an sd card in my devices.

One feature that the Nexus lineup is famous for having is an unlocked bootloader and while this holds true in most cases with the Nexus 6, we have not heard Verizon state whether or not their version will have an unlocked bootloader.

Six reasons I would get the Note 4 developer edition over the Nexus 6:

  1. Note 4 goodness – This phone would still rock the awesome Note series features with the S-Pen, useful tools with TouchWiz, and a well supported device. Support in the sense that device accessory companies are more inclined to create for the Note 4 over the Nexus 6.
  2. Expandable memory – as mentioned above this is a feature I would really like to see make it over the Nexus or any other device. There are lots of reasons I would like a sd card installed including reasons of shooting videos, loading ROMS, apps, and taking tons of pictures. The camera is amazing on Notes and there are times I like to use it over my DSLR.
  3. If Verizon locks the bootloader on the Nexus 6 – this would pretty much defeat the reason to own a Nexus device.
  4. If Verizon delays Android OS updates – another reason to own a Nexus is to receive OTA updates directly from Google without waiting for a carrier or manufacturer releases.
  5. Released before the Nexus 6 – I kinda want this to just happen so I can be done with it. It being what device I go with.
  6. The combination of the Note 4 + unlocked bootloader + potentially cheaper than the Note 4 regular versions + Verizon’s network + unlimited data with Verizon’s network + all the reasons mentioned above = THIS

As you can read there are plenty of reasons to consider getting the Note 4 developer edition over the Nexus 6. Let’s just say that if the Note 4 dev ed. comes out before the Nexus 6, it is the device I will get. At this point it is a race of releases. Don’t get me wrong, I am cheering on Moto because I want to give em a chance, along with Verizon to redeem themselves from the Galaxy Nexus disaster.

Who will win? What’s interesting is that the Samsung page that gave the information about the price ($662.53) is no longer working…figures.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.54.28 PM

Source | Samsung

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