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Ever since the beginning of Bane Tech I have been on the lookout for “The Everyday User Experience” in everything I publish. For the most part the content has been technology related. Over the course of time there have been opportunities to review items outside of the realm of techie products.

As a reviewer I not only publish reviews on and YouTube, I submit the reviews on Amazon when the situation is fitting. As time has progressed, so has my reviewer ranking on Amazon. In result, occasionally I receive requests from Amazon sellers to review items for them, but the products are normally not tech related. In the past I have published those video reviews on my main channel, but each time feels extremely awkward posting non-tech products on my channel. Therefore, the birth of a new channel. Bane Tech Home Edition.

Bane Tech Home Edition is a new branch off of Bane Tech to cover products, reviews and insights geared towards the home. Subjects will be about kitchen items, tools, furnishings, gardening, and more. This website will continue to be the host for everything Bane Tech including the Home Edition.

Thanks for stopping by the website and this post as I am strategically mapping out a plan that works for everyone. Bane Tech has and always will lookout for the interest of “The Everyday User Experience.” Part of the experience is how you view Bane Tech content. If you are only interested in tech related stuff you can hang tight to where you have been since the beginning. If you are interested in more types of content that Bane Tech Home Edition can provide you will want to subscribe to the new channel by clicking HERE. Either way you will be connected to the reviews you have already been enjoying.

To kick things off, here is the first video for Bane Tech Home Edition!

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