Conserving Data Usage.

Connect to WiFi as much as possible.

By doing so you will ensure that you will not go over your data allowance. With most customers being on a tiered or shared data plan you want to make sure that you do not get any overage charges by going over your limit. That can get quite expensive.

But I’m on an Unlimited Data Plan, why does it matter whether or not I use WiFi?
Networks throttle data speeds. Throttling is a term that means once you reach a certain amount of data usage, the network will begin to slow down your connection speeds. Word on the street says that Verizon begins to throttle when the usage exceeds 2GB of data usage. Other networks may vary with when they choose to throttle. In my opinion, this is wrong. But it is not something I have control over. So I make the decision to use WiFi when possible. I can easily go over 5GB of data. I have a 4G LTE device and the speeds are sometimes better than WiFi. But if I want to consistently see my phone use those great speeds I still need to monitor my usage. That way I always see my phones greatest potential and not get frustrated with my phone acting slow.

If you have any questions concerning using WiFi, throttling or data usage please leave a comment in the comment section below. Thanks for viewing.

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