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elago has become one of my favorite accessory companies since Bane Tech has been around. Matter of fact elago has been with Bane Tech since the beginning of Bane Tech. I have grown to appreciate their products. Naturally I have been able to collect a decent amount of their items to show off to you guys. Until now there has only been individual reviews, today I present to you an idea I have been longing to put together for awhile now. The elago Desk Setup Review. In a nutshell I want to present to an example of what you stylish, professional look elago can provide for you. What you will see below are a few products made by elago and an idea of how you could match all your desk items to give a great professional appeal.

First we have the Aluminum iPhone 5 Stand. This stand is designed for the iPhone 5 but it also fits the iPad mini while positioned horizontally. The stand is great for Facetime chats, photo slide shows, music/videos and presentations. Elago offers many style stand for devices. The new W series will fit iPhones, iPads and thin Android devices. There are also prop up stands to check out over at elagostore.com.


Next up is one of the essential accessories for the Mac and Android (specifically Samsung) device owner. It is the Elago USB High Speed Memory Card Reader/Writer. This allows you to manage your SD card from your Android device. Samsung doesn’t play nice with Macs and this adapter has become an essential product for file management.


elago makes great thin sleek cell phone cases for many of the top devices available. For this presentation I have the Galaxy S4 Slim Fit and the iPhone 5 MATRIX Outfit cases. Both are thin, protective and stylish. These cases match the elegant professional design your desk could have from all the other accessories.



elago carries some quality earphones. The earphones are a nice touch to the collection because there have been many times where I needed to simply get into the zone and master my work. Whether that is schoolwork or reviews, some tunes help crunch out the work at hand.



The Aluminum Mouse Pad is a very nice mouse pad. I love the look and feel of it. I feel like this pad could last a lifetime. No more cheap flimsy mouse pads needed. This also matches well with the silver color. Multiple colors to choose from if silver is not the color for you.



The new Aluminum Magnetic Holder for business cards and photos. This is a simple little guy that compliments the rest of the accessories. Every desk needs a card holder and why not have something besides the norm. For being as minute for a holder/stand it really does finish off the desk presentation.



The last item for this presentation is the Allure Aluminum Stand Stylus. This stylus can really help the with everyday tasks for the tech savvy business person. The stylus is also a fine point pen. The pen itself writes smoothly. The stylus works great for drawing, writing and other stylus needs.



I hope this helps give you some ideas of how professional elago products can dress up your home/office desk. I imagine myself as a businessman closing out a deal, the customer sitting at my desk and feels like they are dealing with a professional guy that cares about presentation. All these products can be found at elagostore.com, Bane Tech Amazon Store or elago’s Amazon Store.

Be sure to check out the video tour of how I setup a desk sporting some great elago products.

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