Elago E6M In-Ear Earphones

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The Elago E6M In-Ear Earphones lives up to the slogan “Simple Sophistication.” Elago does a fine job designing their products. I have had the opportunity to review many of their cases and one other set of earphones. Each product has it’s own identify and caters to the consumer’s needs for their devices. The E6Ms did not disappoint.

Features (via elagostore.com):

Sleek design makes for better durability while looking amazing!
The E6 is compatible with all multimedia devices/phones using 3.5mm connection. Recommended devices include iPhones and other Apple devices.
Ergonomically designed to fit just outside the ear canal to provide a comfortable fit.
With the Remote/Mic, one may access voice command, skip, back, play, stop, fastforward, and rewind functions all just a simple click away.(*No Volume Control)
Product designed by elago in California and Made in China.

 Overview/ Review:

I had the opportunity to review the E502M model and I was impressed with the quality. So I was curious to see what the E6M model was like. Was there going to be a difference? Worth the price difference (to which both are priced well)? Would I miss out on anything the E6M offers if I were to settle on the E502Ms?

Right out of the box I was presented with an obvious difference. The cord is a flat design versus a standard round shape. I’ve never used a flat cord style, but I liked it. The cord is also make a durable rubber material. This is one the things that stood out a lot to me. I like to go jogging and while exercising the cord will get tugged at, there might be the possibility to drop my phone with the cord plugged in or the chances of other types of accidents. This cord gives me piece of mind that it will not break or come apart easily.

The earbuds are formed nicely. They are created in a round/ bubble shape which helps them stay in the ear, block out outside noise and increases the listening clarity. All while remaining comfortable. The E6Ms come with 3 sizes to choose from. Personally I like the medium size the best, which is the size that comes pre-installed on the E6Ms. The large size were wearable but just a bit too tight for my taste, but were not uncomfortable. The small size could be used for children, but I do not recommend using headphones that are not kid safe. The volume levels are too much for a child.

Pause and play features are important to me for using earphones along with skipping tracks and tracking backwards. On the surface you would not know that the E6Ms could skip forward or reverse tracks, but the feature is there. To perform this operation simply press the button rapidly twice for forwards and three times for backwards. The user guide gives these tips of how to operate the button features. I always recommend looking at user guides for any product. This ensures that you can get the full experience of the product. Otherwise you might miss out of some features.

The same pause and play button also functions as the answer/end a phone call feature tag teaming with the microphone on the flip side of the button. The call clarity is superb. The earbuds act as a noise reduction feature and helps you hear the caller without any interference. I had no complaints about the call clarity on the other end of the line. I like answer call buttons on headsets. I like to be hands free while doing various tasks. Such as house work, yard work or exercising.

The headphone jack has become an important overlooked aspect of earphones/headphones. I like to use cases with my devices and sometimes the cases will have a deep port like the Otterbox, Trident or Cruzerlite multilayer cases. A headphone jack like the E6Ms have will fit inside any ports. It is thin, sleek and design to fit in any port. It is a straight jack and not an “L” shape.

Final Thoughts:

Elago offers a great lineup of earphones. They offer a variety of styles, prices and features that will fit your particular needs. The E6Ms is their top of the line earphones. Take a look at their lineups. Each series in my opinion is worth the money. You get more than what pay for. I have owned earphones that cost more than what Elago charges and not get the same quality. While these are not up to the same level as lets say what an audiophile would prefer (over $200+) these earphones gives nice quality that at least the everyday user will appreciate. I feel confident that you would not be disappointed with the E6Ms. They look and sounds great.

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