Elago Breathe – iPhone 5

The Elago Breathe Case for the iPhone 5 is a unique design. The Breathe holes give a fashionable look that also gives protection against bumps and scrapes. We were able to review the Breathe Case for the Galaxy S3 and we are excited to take a look at the iPhone 5 edition. Some of the features described from ElagoStore.com are:

  • Special Coating
  • Precision Fit
  • Super Slim Design
  • Quality Control

The Build:

The Breathe Case is designed to protect against scratches, scrapes and bumps. The material is lightweight yet durable. The coating is designed to resist oils, dirt and dust. The case will look good all the time, even fingerprints do not show up on the case. It is formed to fit perfectly with the device and gives a great slim profile. The iPhone 5 is an elegant thin device and the Breathe Case does not take way from the design. Because of the thin profile and smooth surface, the case will slide in and out of the pocket with ease. While the surface is smooth it does not feel slippery in the hand.


The top and bottom is left exposed which increases a chance of a blemish. The Breathe holes are a nice looking design, but there is potential for dust to collect inside the holes. My recommendation is to purchase a back protector to play it safe.


I would recommend this case for anyone looking for a thin, protective case that is pocketable and compliments the nice design of the iPhone 5. I like this case. It looks good. The purple color would be great for anyone who likes the color, has a sports team with purple or something to match a business logo.

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