Tudia omnix One Plus 2 case

The most durable phone case I have ever come across, the Omnix by Tudia is the new impact resistant heavy duty case for the one plus two. The case covers all areas of the phone with a front screen protector to prevent any scratches on the front, ensuring your phone is not damaged in any way. The headphone and charging ports have removable covers on offering even more protection making sure no dirt can get stuck in these delicate areas.

The problem most heavy duty cases have is that there is no easy way to remove them and put them on, it is not a problem with this case as the snap on design allows easy installation. If that is not enough there are other colour back plates available that you can swap to match your style. The case may increase the size of the phone but its attractive design sure makes up for that, I know that my phone is safe for as long as I use it now.

I would highly recommend this case to anybody with a One Plus 2 as it sure will keep your investment safe, and a massive thanks to Tudia for providing this.

To get your own visit this link –>> http://www.amazon.co.uk/OnePlus-Case-Full-body-Protective-Built/dp/B013HP7UJI

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