Bluesim Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones by Bluesim are now a permanent member of my sporting gear, are they right for you?

The headphones themselves connect to each other round the back of your head whilst linking to your phone via Bluetooth, an excellent design so there are no annoying long wires that you would normally have with any standard headphones. They come in a very attractive carrying case that you can keep all accessories in, perfect for putting in your pocket on the go and not tangling the wires. In the box you get the case, the headphones themselves, charging wire and some different size rubber pieces. Making it possible to get the perfect fit.

In terms of sound quality I can tell little difference between these and other headphones I own so a big thumbs up from me. Overall these are a pair of headphones that I would thoroughly recommend to anybody who is looking to make a purchase.

A big thanks to BlueSim for providing these, if you would like to get your own or any other cool products visit their site HERE


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