Best apps for Chromebooks

The ‘Chromebook’ is a product of Google’s which was announced back in 2011 with the first Chromebook release. Google first presented the Chromebook in 2009, where both applications and the users data are operated through the cloud. Which is why Chromebooks mainly run web applications.

Since then ChromeOS (the Chromebooks operating system), has seen many updates and slight redesigns which has vastly improved the OS. With the announcement of Android apps on Chromebooks, Google has created an even more desirable operating system.

Providing users with the Google Play Store, will give the Chromebook even more flexibility in terms of the number of things you can do with it. Below are my personal top 3 apps which I used on the daily on my Chromebook.


1. Mighty Text

Wanted your Android files on your computer without emails or cables? Well now you can as MightyText does this all for you. This app allows you to have access to your SMS messages and all your Android phone notifications. Enabling you to send and receive SMS messages, videos, and photos from your Chromebook. You will need to the MightyText app on your phone too so that you have access to your files on your phone.


2. Polarr photo editing app

It’s a great, fully featured photo editing app on Chromebooks, with tons of customization options. Polarr supports offline functionality, as you do not need to be connected to use its features, unlike other apps. The app keeps a track of your editing history so that you can quickly undo any changes made. The app has preset filters, but it also provides more manual controls: contrast, tweaking exposure, highlights, shadows, color temperature etc. It even offers brush-based edits like Photoshop, and they work really well!


3. VLC Player

This is the most versatile open-sourced media player, and it is a must have for all your media consumption needs. VLC supports pretty much any media file which you can think of! From network streams, AVI, to MKV, FLAC as well as DVD! It is very simple, easy to use and has a ton of video and audio settings to suit your needs. It even includes subtitle support and video management features. This is a great addition to your Chromebook and you won’t be disappointed.


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