CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver Adapter

CoolStream has a great lineup of bluetooth accessories to choose from including their headphones, speaker and bluetooth receiver. All of which have been fun to use. This time around CoolStream has a new device called the Duo. It is like it’s older brother the bluetooth receiver, but adds a new feature which is the ability to connect the receiver to an auxiliary audio cable.

The added new feature has made the Duo one of the most practical device accessories I have ever used. The best way for me to explain it is how I personally use it, which is in my car. I have a Toyota Prius which has a middle console with an auxiliary cable connection and a car charger port. All I have to do is simply leave the Duo connected to the aux cable and charger and let it do it’s job. Pairing via bluetooth is easy and does not require any passcodes. It’s really that easy.

Now rather than having a wired connection to my phone, I can listen to my music wirelessly. To tangled mess, less clutter and no need to connect/disconnect my phone from a wire. This Duo literally cuts outs steps and makes life a little more convenient.

As far as sound quality goes, I thought it performed rather well. Only when the volume was raised high I heard any sort of white noise, which is normal for most systems and not really the Duo’s fault anyways. The Duo does not interfere with the sound quality of the system being played through.

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