CoolSteam Portable Bluetooth Speaker

CoolStream’s┬áPortable Bluetooth Speaker is a really neat device. I think it is the perfect size for travel, home/office use and presentations. It gives you many options for music connections and performs well enough to not only get the job done but give you that extra boost of performance for casual listening.

The speaker packs a 1,000mAh battery that would last you long enough for quite a bit of uses before needing to charge it back up. The speaker comes with a USB cable that can connect to a DC adapter charger like any phone charger comes with. You have the option to connect to a computer for charging needs as well.

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Two other ways to listen to music is through a sd card slot and an included auxiliary cable.

Connecting to the speaker is rather simple and pretty much like any other bluetooth device. I was able to connect to my Galaxy S4, iPad mini and MacBook without any issues; with the exception of my iPad that took a tad bit longer than usual to connect between the devices.

My favorite feature of this speaker is the ability to connect music three different ways. I really like that this makes for an ideal speaker for many scenarios. I can sit on a desk, fireplace, kitchen or patio. You could also use this for recreation or business purposes. I have a brother who travels for work to make sales presentation and I truly see how he could benefit from the use of a speaker like this.

If you like this speaker you can get it HERE.

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