CES 2015 Android TV (The Google Experience in your living room)

Google and TV, the two have never worked well as a team as we all expected, bringing the internet to the living room TV and bed room. It has been a upward rollercoaster battle to make it mainstream and to not be a gimmick. 2014 was the year Google introduced Android TV to consumers looking for a alternative take on having internet, gaming, and centralized media consumption as you sit on your couch. Google has history, starting with Google TV, Nexus Q, and the more relevant Google Chromecast to date. Each device providing internet media consumption to the TV in various different ways. CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) showcased numerous technologies utilizing this all new interesting platform OS. I will be talking on two different implementations plus a history development platform foundation, external devices and internal software. So with that said put down your TV remote, pop a bag of popcorn, and grab a set, let’s talk CES 2015 Android TV (The Google Experience in your living room)!






Nexus Player: Development platform

Google’s brand new installment in this now saturated environment added a simple, but sleek hockey puck designed media consumption device. This Nexus Player brings a new OS (Android Lollipop 5.0) that highlights your media as the focal point. Although released before CES 2015, this will be the foundation that other hardware manufacturers are aiming towards.


Razer forge TV: External device

Well known for PC gaming products, they have released their first Android TV device at a low price tag of $99USD or $149USD with a bundled game controller. Specs with a Snapdragon 805 CPU, 16GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM, Adreno 420 GPU, 802.11ac WiFi, and a Gigabit Ethernet Lan connection. Gaming is what they do and they do it great, allowing PC game streaming to the Forge using its Cortex app for Windows to Android. This will be available for free to Forge owners when it arrives in Q2. Allowing you to run PC games and steaming them on your TV at 1080p/60fps, but keep in mind you get a powerhouse device at the same low price as a Google Nexus Player. This is the Android TV external device you’re going to want to buy, you can’t go wrong when it’s just $99USD off the break plus adding a Xbox like controller for an additional $50USD what a steal.


Sony 4k TV: Internal software

Sony Electronics showcased its new line of BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD televisions, supporting a new 4K Processor X1, advanced color accuracy, contrast and clarity for a better 4K viewing experience. The new XBR X900C features a new ultra-thin floating style display, making it the thinnest TV yet with edge-to-edge viewing angles. Ranging at sizes from 43 to 75-inches With a screen that provides 3,840 x 2,160 4K resolution.

For the first time in their software history they will be using Android TV as there internal software smart TV OS support. No pricing as of now, but know it will be a big one. A smarter television viewing experience I must say plus adding the app support this will be a force to be reckon with!

Final notes:

Hardware or software that’s up to you so you pick, price may be the factor of your decision, but having it all under one device might be the best option. I pick hardware over software because it’s more cost friendly!

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