Nest home automation getting hotter and hotter

Nest Thermostat
With Nest seemingly at the center and forefront of the burgeoning home automation industry, the future looks to be bright for the company that made the little thought of thermostat something to be sought after and appreciated. This Google-owned company announced at CES 2015 that it has added 15 new partners to its ‘Works with Nest’ program. And, keep in mind that they have already acquired Dropcam.

Philips Hue
As of January 5th, the program members include: August Smart Lock, Automatic car adapters, Insteon, LG appliances, the Ooma Telo, Phillips Hue lights, the Kevo Smart Lock, and the Withings Aura Sleep System. Nest adds that Big Ass Fans, the Beep Dial, ChargePoint Home EV, Lightify lights, Stack bulbs, Whirlpool washers and dryers, and Zuli Smartplugs will be coming aboard soon.

Inteon Hub
The partnership program makes Nest, no longer ‘just’ a thermostat firm (though it was already well on the way to changing that perception), but a major player in home automation. Now that they are set to be in direct competition with Samsung and other major companies looking to make a big noise in an industry that is expected to grow precipitously over the next few years, this move from Nest, and by extension Google, should go a long way towards making them a household name with great brand awareness.

The ‘Works with Nest’ program already has some fairly good functionality. Currently, or in the very near future, the thermostat will be able to interact with your car, lights, your Dropcam, smoke alarm and some Jawbone fitness bands, along with sending relevant consumption information to your washer. And, with these new and upcoming partnerships, it’s pretty obvious that Nest and Google are committed to home automation.

Keep an eye on Nest and all of the companies that they are reaching out to form solid agreements and partnerships with. I believe that they are well worth watching. Will we first think of Nest , when marveling about how wonderful it is that controlling the gadgets, electronics and appliances in our homes is so easy? I don’t know. But, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we do, because the ‘smart thermostat’ seems to rapidly be becoming the smart company.


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