CES 2015 Android TV (The Google Experience in your living room)

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Website bios, hehe lets do this! To start I would like to say if you are reading this, thank you! I love hacking all that is Android and hope you like it the same! I started with the Viewsonic G Tablet (the first to sale the Tegra 2 mainstream in the US), lol the good old days! I started writing about Xposed frameworks in late 2013, helping people hack Android without the need for a custom rom (still love the rom community) great work guys!
September 28, 2014 was the date I started writing for Bane-Tech, and happy to have meet a great friend Joshua Bane! I enjoy technology and love to update and teach people on how-to get the most out of their tech! That's me to date but subject to change
Cheers all because I'm Rooting for you!!!
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Google and TV, the two have never worked well as a team as we all expected, bringing the internet to the living room TVĀ and bed room. It has been a upward rollercoaster battle to make it mainstream and to not be a gimmick. 2014 was the year Google introduced Android TV to consumers looking for […]

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