Cambond Apple Watch 42mm Brown Leather Band Review – Classy on a budget

Cambond Apple Watch 42mm Brown Leather Band

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation by Cambond to review their brown leather band for the 42mm Apple Watch. I’ve purchased some sport and Milanese Loop bands for my Apple Watch, but I haven’t got around to shopping for a leather band yet. I will also be posting a YouTube review to my channel and I will update this post once that video has gone live.


The first thing that stands out about this leather band by Cambond is that it looks great. Secondly looking at the band itself, you wouldn’t think it was a cheaper one. It has that classy look and makes my Stainless Steel Apple Watch look even better. It also felt nice to have this band on after using Milanese loop bands for long periods of time. The band is genuine leather so it still feels a bit stiff at first. However, the more you wear the leather it will eventually become “broken in” and feel more comfortable. Also this leather band doesn’t add much weight to the watch itself.


Cambond’s leather band is made of a genuine crazy-horse leather that will seem to change color when you bend it. The lugs on this band also fit into the band slots on the Apple Watch smoothly. I purchased a few third-party Apple watch bands and I know the band swapping transition can be hit-or-miss. It’s difficult to describe just how nice a leather band looks. It also can make for a very unique look depending how worn it is. It has the same downsides as any leather band, so you don’t want to get it wet. Although, as long as you let the band air-dry it will look just as good as it always did.





  • Made of Crazy-horse Genuine Leather



What’s in the Box:

  • Cambond Leather Band
  • Carrying Envelope
  • Warranty Card





Cambond has really made an attractive leather band that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. I’ve used it for two weeks and it looks great. I actually think it looks better now than when I first got it. It is comfortable, lightweight, and is priced more reasonably than you would think based on its quality. If you need to pickup a new band for your Apple Watch don’t hesitate to grab these below by clicking the image.




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