Big Android BBQ5 2014 ( will be there)

This year’s Big Android BBQ 2014, will be there live on site providing coverage to all of our fans and friends. If you are in attendance please feel free to let us know in this post at the bottom or other social media links like Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, etcetera.  We would like you to hang out with us one on one at this wonderful live event! I myself Marshall Williams, a writer on an advocate/moderator of Google plus Xposed Frameworks plus Joshua Bane aka (The Everyday Christian) CEO of site, and YouTube channel  Joshua Bane (tech reviewer /creator) will be there live onsite to hang out with you! The General Admission to attend is $75USD and all other pricing is located here! Next check out our last post of the Big Android BBQ 2014, from Joshua Bane Here’s what to expect & sponsorship announcement!!!

The Dates and the People

We will be there day one starting October 16 till 18 2014. We will be covering a number of events and conferences throughout the days coming! This is the BAB5 (Big Android BBQ number 5) event in Hurst, TX at the Hurst Conference Center near Dallas Texas. So be ready for fun in the sun and this will be the five-year anniversary of This Android Conference, Lots of big wigs LoL! There will be Event Speakers like Daniel Ward (Senior Research Software Engineer), Steve Kondik from the(Cyanogen team), Russell Holly from (, Kit Tihonovich from (SlimRoms), and much more!

Updates each day as they come

Before this event, Joshua Bane will release a Vlog  and a What’s in my Bag video before we head out! We will try to setup and post youtube videos as soon as we can/have time, so just be ready for all the coverage as soon as it’s available! We strive to give you quality footage on every release so time will be of the essence! All footage will be posted on Joshua bane YouTube channel so click Here for updates! Please be ready for that and if you are on site with us be ready to be in our life of fun with tech and development! One love to you all thanks and cheers all!!!


 To my boss Dan for giving me this time off work, one love and Thanks for being the great person you are!!!

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Website bios, hehe lets do this! To start I would like to say if you are reading this, thank you! I love hacking all that is Android and hope you like it the same! I started with the Viewsonic G Tablet (the first to sale the Tegra 2 mainstream in the US), lol the good old days! I started writing about Xposed frameworks in late 2013, helping people hack Android without the need for a custom rom (still love the rom community) great work guys! September 28, 2014 was the date I started writing for Bane-Tech, and happy to have meet a great friend Joshua Bane! I enjoy technology and love to update and teach people on how-to get the most out of their tech! That's me to date but subject to change Cheers all because I'm Rooting for you!!!