Bane Tech is going to the Big Android BBQ! Here’s what to expect & sponsorship announcement

As the title says, Bane Tech is going to the Big Android BBQ and we can’t be more excited to bring you coverage of the event. Can I pause for a moment and just say that it feels great to use “we” when referring to Bane Tech. For a long time it has been a one man show, but until recently Bane Tech has acquired two writers; George and Marshall. Well, this year is the first year that Bane Tech is going to a tech event! Marshall and Josh will be teaming up to bring you coverage of the event and hangout with some Android enthusiasts!

With that said, there are several things I want to present to you and give some expectations. Marshall and I are very excited about attending the event for one, we have worked on trying to go for a while now, and we are blessed to have things work out for us both to go on the trip. We will fly out to Hurst, TX October 16th just in time for the fun to begin, which leads me to the first expectation. The first official Bane Tech ‘What’s in my bag’ video. In that video you will see what I will be using as my carry on and the equipment I am bringing with me on the trip.

Other things to expect

  • Giveaways!
  • Keynote
  • Sessions
  • Interviews
  • Live blogging
  • Collabs
  • Parties
  • BBQ, Android, and Drafts!
  • Much more!

There will be ample opportunities to bring you guys great coverage on one of the best grassroots Android community events on the calendar.

Last but not least, I (Josh) am stoked to inform ya’ll Bane Tech is being sponsored by CoolStream for the BAB14 (Big Android BBQ 2014). I am honored and blessed to have CoolStream helping this trip be possible. Both Bane Tech and CoolStream are excited to be working together and let me say, that they are wonderful people to work with. If you have not checked out their products, please check out their revamped website They carry great bluetooth products. I personally use three of their products on a regular basis; the Duo, headphones, and speaker. The Duo actually received a new feature that allows multiple devices to be connected at the same time. Very cool and expect a video coming soon!

October 16th can’t get here soon enough! Stay tuned for more update posts and videos about the trip coming up. Definitely subscribe to the channel for videos about the BAB14. What kind of content and coverage would you like to see from Bane Tech about the BAB14? Let us know in the comments section.

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