Beseye Smart Security Camera Review

The Beseye Smart Security Camera is an addition the already large range of smart home products. Coming in at £180 this smart security camera is packed with features!

Beseye Features

The Beseye comes packed with the latest features. The camera is 2.38mm, and wide at 125 degrees so that you get the maximum monitoring for your area. The camera is full HD and looks very good when you view it from the app. The domed shape of the camera provides a wider area for the noise cancelling microphone and sounds very clear both in real-time and if you play it back. This dome also allows for a large speaker too, so you can talk back through the camera without worry of not being heard.

The camera comes packed with an IR-LED strip down both sides so that you can see in the dark easily for up to 10 metres; these sensors don’t work too well through glass, but perfectly when it’s looking normally in an area. The camera comes with a magnetic base that can be attached anywhere, and the camera grips on to the base magnetically with great strength. This also allows the camera to be angled however you need. The camera also comes equipped with a motion sensor, and this sensor can detect human motion separate to other motion.


Using the Beseye

The Beseye camera is great to use, with a well-designed app. The app records clips when motion is detected and stores them in the cloud. This provides you to be able to easily see back to whenever there was motion. The real-time feed is very snappy with up to only 2 seconds delay depending on your WiFi speed.

Regrettably, the camera is not equipped for outdoors. If you position the camera anywhere outdoors, it will break. This is a real shame because the camera works great, looks great, and has a long enough cable so that it could be positioned outside.

The Beseye detects motion really well, and sees in the dark really well too, thanks to the IR-LED sensors on either side of the camera.

Final Verdict

Although there are other security cameras out there that work outside and inside for less, they do not come with as many features as the Beseye, and the performance isn’t executed as well as the Beseye. Coming in at £180 it is on the expensive side, but the company provides great 24/7 support, and the actual security camera is really easy to use.

The Beseye is worth the $199 thanks to its amazing features and high performance, but it would be nice to see the Beseye adapt with more features over time, especially so that it can live outside.




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