What is this new smartwatch called the Ticwatch?

There are many smartwatches on the market today. Some expensive, some cheap, some bad, and some good. But do you ever really get the perfect product? Sure, it may tick most of your boxes, but is it really perfect? Enter the Ticwatch. A new smartwatch that delivers with a tonne of functionality, and even better, it won’t leave your wallet empty.


The Ticwatch is a new smartwatch designed by Chinese tech company Mobvoi. The Ticwatch offers two smartwatches- the Ticwatch Classic, and the Ticwatch Active. Both watches work with iOS and Android, which is now a more commonly found feature.

Ticwatch Features

Both models of the Ticwatch have a 400×400 AMOLED display on a round 1.4-inch sapphire glass screen. They both have an always-on feature, which is an ambient watch face on the Ticwatch while it is resting, similar to a feature of many Android Wear smartwatches. The Ticwatch Classic comes with a leather or a stainless steel strap, and the Ticwatch Active comes with the exclusive feature found on both models is the ‘Tickle’ strip; this is strip which gives you touch control of the watch without having to use the screen.


The watches have a range of built-in apps on the Ticwear OS. These apps include a dialer for phone calls through the watches’ speaker and microphone, a messaging app, and a health and fitness app for the devices’ GPS fitness tracking with a heart rate sensor. The watches provide easy access to notifications and music controls through the cards on the watches’ display.

Both watches have an IP65 waterproof rating, so the watch is waterproof enough for showering with it, but not for swimming. Both watches have a 300mAh battery which will last between 1 and 2 days.

The two models charge through the included wireless charger stand (much like the one included with the Moto 360 models) with their ‘TiCharge’ wireless charging technology.

Why is the Ticwatch so good?

The Ticwatch is such a good watch because of the watches’ functionality and the number of features you get for the price.

The Ticwatch Classic retails with a price of $249.99, and the Ticwatch Active retails for $199.99.

Both watches have the same functionality, but the Ticwatch Classic is more premium due to the metal build, instead of being enclosed in rubber as seen on the Ticwatch Active.

Despite this, both watches a very good because they bring more features than a lot of smartwatches on the market, for a price that is lower than most other smartwatches that are available.

The Ticwatch performs well which is the most important thing- stay tuned for a review that is hopefully coming soon…

Visit the Ticwatch site here: Ticwatch

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