5 Tips to fixing Windows 10 issues

5 Tips to fixing Windows 10 issues

With the release of the Windows 10 operating system, many people and aficionados of the world’s largest technology brand have begun switching to it. While Microsoft, the developer of the Windows is undoubtedly the most popular and trusted company in the computer and technology industry, its operating systems are not immune to issues and problems. Even with the hordes of programmers constantly monitoring and innovating their operating systems, many users still experience the common issues that they suffered from the past operating systems such as, storage problems and the massive RAM consumption of the svchost.exe (netsvcs) that makes the whole system slower and slower until it ceases to run. If you have experienced similar situations, then here are 5 tips for fixing these common Windows 10 issues.

5 Tips to fixing Windows 10 issues

  1. Update the Windows Client and Drivers

One of the most common causes of your Windows 10 malfunctioning and not performing to your expectations is because its drivers are not compatible with your current operating system. Majority of Windows users tend to only switch to a higher Windows operating system without updating their current drivers. You see, along with a new Windows operating system, new drivers that are compatible with it are also created. Thus, if you just switched to the Windows 10 operating system, then you might want to spend some time on upgrading your drivers by updating your windows client and allowing it self-update your drivers to make it compatible with your Windows 10 operating system.

  1. Install strong Anti-Virus software

other common cause of the common issues on Windows 10 is the penetration of virus and malware to your system. If you are connected to the internet, then you are most likely prone and have already been affected by malware and viruses. Take note that as technology improves, malware and viruses have also improved and have taken different forms. Thus, protect your Windows 10 operating system by installing a strong and intensive Anti-Virus software.

  1. System Restore

System restore is a feature that allows you to restore your whole system to a past time where it was still working properly. If you can’t fix the problems by installing an Anti-virus software or updating the windows client and drivers, then you might want to try restoring your system. System restore can be found on the Advance Options of the Update & Security settings under the Windows Update menu. If you haven’t set up a restore point in the past, then fret not as the system will give you recommendations on the system restore point. Although, remember that after you “system restore” all of the files and data that you have saved on your computer after the “restore date” in the past will all be deleted because they may have been the cause of the issues, so backing them up on a separate system such as a USB might save you a lot of trouble.

  1. Microsoft troubleshooter

Some problems on our Windows are so simple that we tend to over complicate things. And Microsoft troubleshooter is the program that will allow us to fix these minor issues. By just allowing the program to run and perform its inspection, it will give you results that will show the possible causes of the issues and recommendation on how to fix them. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t, but still, Microsoft troubleshooter is still worth a try.

  1. Re-install Windows 10


If all else fails and the issues still recur and bother your work on your computer, then it might be the time to just backup all important files and re-install Windows 10 from scratch. Just be sure that you have legitimate product ID number or license number once you begin your re-installation.

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