XNSPY – How to Install and Remotely Use This iPhone Spy

iPhone users can have either a jailbroken iOS device or a non-jailbroken one. This is why; many users find it difficult to choose the right iPhone spy to install on the target device. Installing apps on iPhones is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are not very tech oriented. You need something with easy installation steps for an iPhone. While there is a plethora of such apps flooding the app store, not all offer the most-needed monitoring feature, at least not at the more affordable prices, and with flexible subscription packages, as XNSPY does. Follow this guide to see how you can install and remotely monitor a target iPhone with this spy app.


Register for the iPhone Spy

Before you can start using XNSPY on either jailbroken or non-jailbroken devices, you need to register for it. You can choose between a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription packages. The prices are very affordable and most importantly, they have a money back policy (specific conditions apply). As soon as you subscribe, you will receive the download link and activation code to use for the target’s iPhone.

Steps for Installation on Jailbroken iPhone

Installing the iphone spy app for monitoring jailbroken iPhone takes not more than three minutes, maybe takes even less. This is a one-time thing. Go to the browser of the iPhone and open the download link given in the email you received upon subscribing. Simply follow the installation instructions that pop up on the screen as shown in the video below, and when prompted for the activation code, enter it. That’s all you need to complete the installation process.

Steps for Installation on Non-jailbroken iPhone

There is no need to download and install the spy app on the non-jailbroken device. All you need for this is the target person’s iCloud credentials.

Remote Access of Target iPhone

Once installed or once you get the target’s iCloud credentials, you can access all the activities happening on the target device from the control panel. Here’s all you can do remotely:

  • View all SMS, iMessages, and IM Chats – You can monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik, and Line. In fact, you can also monitor the Facebook messenger installed on the target iPhone.
  • View all call logs – With this monitoring app, you can see records of all outgoing and incoming calls. You can see the timestamps too.
  • View photos and videos – You can see all photos and videos on the device, including those received from various IM chats.
  • Read emails – You can access the target person’s Gmail and see all outgoing and incoming emails.
  • See GPS locations visited of the target iPhone – This app tells you the GPS location of the iPhone anytime. In addition, this feature tells you where the target person was at the time he or she received or sent certain texts and calls.
  • Use Geo-fencing feature – With this feature, the app tells you whenever the target person enters or leaves watch-listed locations.
  • Record calls – The app records calls and uploads them to the control panel so you can listen to them.
  • Record to ambient sounds – It records sounds in the surroundings of the iPhone, including conversations.
  • Lock device – If you have to lock the device, you can do it, remotely.
  • Wipe off data – You can wipe off all data, remotely.

That’s all there is to installing XNSPY and using this amazing app.


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