Wallpaper App of the Month: The Terra Collection

This is the wallpaper app of the month… Introducing ‘The Terra Collection’. The Terra Collection, is a series inspired by Android Lollipop / Marshmallow releases.


It consists of:

– 102 Wallpapers (4800×4800)
– 14 Wallpapers (4800×2740)
– 18 Wallpapers (6840×5900)
– Various experimental wallpapers (4800×4800)
– Android L/M satellite images
– Handy dashboard app to see/apply/save the wallpapers
– Muzei support

The reason that I have chose this wallpaper app because I am really into aerial photography at the moment, and I am starting to create a series of custom wallpapers myself *cough*. This app has a very simple interface which lets you chose from different resolution images. not all of the photography is aerial though, but they images which have been taken are very high quality and looks good on a phone wallpaper. Not sure what it is but there is just something about the simplicity and details which aerial wallpapers consist of that makes me at to see more and more.



The UI is great and it uses an FAB (floating Action Button), which makes the app look like more of a ‘material designed’ app. Also when selected a cool material-esk animation takes place as you can see above. Overall, I think that this is a great wallpaper app and I would recommend to to anyone who likes to change their phone device wallpapers a lot.


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