Inateck Wireless Presentation Clicker: Review

This is a wireless presentation clicker which is sleek, slim and elegant. Never thought you’d hear those words describing a presentation pointer did you?

I am a college student and I don’t use things like this very often though, but I gave this to my tutor (for 2 weeks) as he goes through a lot of presentations a day, and here are his views.

Inateck Wireless Presenter Presentation Clicker

Things he liked about the presentation pointer:

  • He like how slim, portable and sleek the pointer was
  • Only requires 1 AAA battery
  • Has an “on/off” switch, he did say that even though it had this toggle he forgot to turn it off some days.
  • The laser pointer is very accurate
  • He liked how there was a slot for the USB dongle, especially because it was magnetic. Also because his previous presentation pointer was fat an bulky, and the dongle was more like a thumb drive where as this is the opposite.

Things he didn’t like about the presentation pointer:

  • It took a long time for the drivers to install before use (around 15 minutes)
  • Another thing which he didn’t like about the pointer was that the buttons were backwards. What he means by this is that the the arrow pointing up goes to the previous slide and the arrow facing down goes to the next slide. Normally it would be the other way around, and so this is what he found confusing and hard to get used to.

He said his final verdict was that it was a very sturdy presentation pointer, which surprised him how light it slim it was. He liked the magnetic holder for the dongle as he knew it would get lost as it is quite small. He said after the 2 weeks he was getting used to the way in which the buttons work which was good as he did find it irritating at first.

When I first looked at it used used it for a day, I like the feel of the product (even though it is plastic). The on/off switch I think is a pretty cool idea, as well as the magnetic holder for the dongle.

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