Galaxy Note 5 Battery Case Bovon 4200 mAh

Galaxy Note 5 Battery Case Bovon 4200 mAh.

This Galaxy Note 5 Battery Case Bovon 4200 mAh one of those product worth getting for a number of reasons. First of all, this sports a battery larger than what the Note 5 carries, which is nice because you know you’ll have at least one full charge from using this case.

Ideas of what you can use this case for

  • Camping
  • Backup battery
  • For when you expect to drain the battery
  • When you are not near a wall or charger
  • Trips
  • Events

There are plenty of reasons to have a backup battery like this. For example, I am going to the Big Android BBQ that is a three day event. I’ll be shooting lots of videos and photos using my Note 5 and I can expect some faster battery drain because of the heavy usage. This case will come in handy because I will not have to be tethered to a cable to charge up the device. I’m sure you can think of ways to use this case for your Note 5 as well.


There are two draw backs to this case. First, the left and right sides are left exposed. I would prefer the sides to be covered to help secure the phone inside the case and to protect the sides from any potential damage. The other draw back might be a deal breaker to you depending on how you plan to use the battery case. There is no way to access the S-Pen while the case is installed. In order to use the case you will have to take the case off.


Personally, I am planning to use this as a means to charge the phone without being tethered to a cable and I don’t use the S-Pen frequently enough for this to be a problem. With that said I do not think this case is good for daily driver use, meaning left on all the time. Only use it as a backup battery. Unless if you don’t mind the S-Pen being trapped and a bulky phone.

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