Works with Nest – my IoT?

Nest Thermostat

Nest, the thermostat company bought by Google last year, has press conferences scheduled for Wednesday, June 17th in San Francisco and London. The rumor is that they’ll be announcing a new wireless camera, known as Nest Cam. That would make sense, since Nest owns Dropcam and they haven’t officially launched any product, since their inclusion into the Google family.

Currently, Nest advertises a growing family of products that “Work with Nest” (see the link below). These products that supposedly work seamlessly with the thermostat are Phillips Hue lights, August smart locks, Whirlpool washers and dryers, Kevo Smart Locks, LIFX smart lights, Ooma telephone systems, rachio sprinklers, Mercedes-Benze, Big Ass Fans, Automatic car adapters and Dropcam. All-in-all a pretty impressive list that continues to grow by the week.

Works with Nest

I’m at the point of putting some serious thought into first steps towards a smart home. And, since I, like most folks, don’t have an indefatigable source of income, I must make some decisions about where and how to start such a system. What should be the genesis of my personal IoT (Internet of Things)? In other words, what is the first product that I should buy to be the springboard for my connected home?  There is currently no one standard for consumers to choose from. There is the Open Interconnect Consortium with Samsung, Intel and Broadcom taking part. But, the AllSeen Alliance has Qualcomm and Thread, also supported by Samsung with Nest labs, ARM Holding and others taking part. Since we, as consumers, don’t know which will end up as a standard, nor when that may happen, we must choose to start with a product that we believe will be around for the long haul, while making IoT work with as many other connected products as possible day to day.

For myself, I think that means Nest for me. With the Google backing and the number of partners that are climbing aboard, it’s becoming an easier and easier choice.  Though other companies are making smart home products, I can’t currently see anyone else integrating the intelligent services and products that I want for my home any better. I might be proven wrong, in the long run but, for now, I plan to use Nest as the basis of my smart home buying. Most likely, in the next month or so.

As we head into the future, we all need to make decisions about which tech companies can help us add to our family’s well-being and convenience. I’ve made mine. It’s up to you to make yours.

Source: Business Insider

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