Protective Cases for the Nexus 6 from Seidio – SURFACE and DILEX PRO

Seidio has been one of my go-to case companies for quite some time now. They provide protective cases for many devices and I was pleased to know they offered two great cases for the Nexus 6. The SURFACE and DILEX PRO are two cases that can be confidently referred to for not only the Nexus 6, but for any device Seidio supports. The cases come in a variety of colors and options.

The SURFACE case has been one of my personal favorite cases that you can’t go wrong with for years now. If I am not mistaken, I have had a SURFACE case for almost every device I have owned. There are not many exceptions. What I like about the fact that the SURFACE continues to support device after device, is that if I want to switch to another phone I am able to get a SURFACE for that phone. It’s a safe, reliable, bet to get the SURFACE case every time.

The SURFACE case provides hard shell protection that is a snug fit and does not add much bulk at all. The interior of the case is made of a soft felt material keeping the backing of the phone scratch free. The SURFACE is a two-piece glider/slider style case, which is why it is a secure fit. The case also has full edge coverage, which is one the features I look for in a case. I really want all my edges to be protected!

Another awesome feature of the SURFACE case is the magnetic metal kickstand. Seidio makes the best case kickstands. They are durable and functional. I’ve not used a better kickstand on other cases. Personally I do not use the kickstand that much, but I know it is a sought after feature many people want from a phone case. Rest assured this kickstand will support that desire.

The SURFACE case is made of a matte finish that to me makes it a love-hate relationship. Reason being is because while it feels nice and is pocketable, it leaves fingerprints more than I would prefer to deal with. However, the residue issue is not a deal breaker to me. The surface wipes away with ease.


The DILEX PRO is another great case option and has become one of my favorites to use on the Nexus 6. The DILEX PRO received a makeover with the materials used. Prior to the reconstruction of the material, the case was made from a silicone interior and poly-carbonate outer-shell. Now the case is made with a TPU interior and the same poly-carbonate outer-shell. The new change is a welcomed one. I am not a fan of silicone material at all. TPU is tougher and does not attract nearly as much lint and dust as what silicone does.

The DILEX PRO offers much of the same features as the SURFACE case such the kickstand. The main differences are the volume and power buttons are covered up on the DILEX PRO and the DILEX PRO is made with two layers. Both cases have easy access to buttons, ports, and cutouts.

These two cases are great for any device and are what I can safely point people towards every time. These cases fit the profile for those who want slim yet protective cases. They are look professional and provide rugged protection. You simply can’t go wrong with either the SURFACE case or DILEX PRO.

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