Wireless router-type charging is coming

Energous a wireless company based in Pleasanton, California is working on a wireless transmitter or router, if you will, that will charge up to 24 devices within a 15 foot radius using radio frequency transmissions. The WattUp transmitter works much the same as a wireless router, sending radio frequency signals to be received by enabled mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, wearables, etc.).

WattUp uses the Bluetooth wireless communication specification between transmitters and receivers. Wattage capacity is limited, so Energeos is concentrating on small mobile devices at the moment. One WattUp transmitter will charge up to 24 devices using software control to enable or disable charging. The maximum power output is four watts and only four devices can use that maximum wattage at one time, meaning as more devices are enabled the amount of power to each is reduced. And the further the distance from the transmitter, the less power the specific device receives.

Most wireless charges for mobile devices limit the charging distance to somewhere in the rage of a foot, so Energous is breaking new ground for mobile wireless charging. The target release date to get WattUp into the public’s hands is Thanksgiving 2015. The company is planning to demonstrate it at Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Source: Computerworld

George Hayes

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