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Windows 10 has left some favorable first impressions so far with us here at Bane Tech. The update rolled out to the public last week during one of the busiest tech weeks of the summer. Once we got through the OnePlus and Motorola flagship unveiling events it was time for Microsoft to shine.

Instead of hearing just one voice in a review of Windows 10 we thought it would be beneficial to add more than just one perspective of the experience with Microsoft’s latest OS release. Below are perspectives from Team Bane Tech about what we think about Windows 10 so far. First up is George.

I downloaded Windows 10 last evening. It’s running on my new desktop that I’ve had for less than two weeks, so the download and installation was quick and easy. The entire process took just under an hour. So far, Windows 10 is running very smoothly for me and my computer seems to be loading programs and web pages, just a tiny bit quicker.

I’ve told folks that have asked that it seems to me to be a pretty perfect combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8. The tiles are there for those who like them and the beloved start menu is there also. Everything seems to be easily accessible and getting around is generally easier than with previous editions of the operating system. I’m just getting started with Cortana, but most reviews seem to be very favorable. And I’m enjoying Edge, the new browser. Up until now, I have loved the Chrome Browser, but Edge MAY just pull me towards the dark side.

I must say that, like Joshua, I did not do a clean install, but simply upgraded. All of my previous apps, programs, documents and pictures are still there and are working perfectly, as far as I can tell. I am currently downloading Windows 10 onto my former laptop, which will be headed to my wife. All-in-all, the upgrade experience is easy and almost pleasurable.  I think Microsoft really did a good job with this one.

That’s it for my first impressions. Here’s a quick link to the download page. Just be sure that you know if you want the 32-bit or 64-bit version.



Coming from Windows 7 and a dirty install the process was smooth as butter. Some may say to do a clean install (start from scratch) to upgrade to any OS, but I did not choose to go down that route. All my important material is saved on another hard drive apart from my SSD. The process only took maybe 30min from start to finish mainly because I have a fast PC. Pretty all did was follow Kai’s guide that was very simple. All I had to do was download the file and click install. Windows 10 installer did much if not all the work for you. It was extremely user friendly.

Once the installation was complete my first take on the new setup was just a sweet mix of Windows 7 and 8. The start menu has a theme of Windows 8, but not in the tablet style. There is the option to toggle tablet mode off and on, which was a feature I really wanted when I had Windows 8 installed for the short time I had it.

The theme looks great. The flat, minimal, materialish design is nice, I like it. It doesn’t look outdated or a complete overhaul of a change. The theme looks like an icon pack I would install on my Android device. Even the sounds and notifications are pleasant.

Windows Explorer browser is now called Windows Edge. Personally I am a die hard Chrome user, but I actually use Edge now for work purposes. From the time I have used the new internet browser it has been a much better experience. However, if I was not needing to use another browser for work I would only use Chrome. Edge helps me keep personal and business separate.

The Mail app is a nice improvement as well. Prior to the update I was not able to add my business email and accounts. Now I am able to add to the app without needing to use Outlook. Granted Outlook is superior to Mail, but I am a fan of improvements.

There are many more options and features to explore, but for the week that I have had Windows 10 installed it has been a good experience. Currently I am running 10 on my custom built PC and my work Surface Pro 3.


The Windows 10 experience did not start off great for me. Downloading itself took about three and a half hours for me; but after using it for an hour after that, I felt it was so worth it. Its just so smooth and minimalistic, with great design and features overall. I would call it the Lollipop (Android 5.0) of Windows.

Launching of apps is very fast with little to no lag and the new start button is pretty sweet! It does not take the whole screen anymore and now is similar to the Windows 7 start, except there are still the different boxes to the right side giving you news and weather updates as well as your important apps. One of my favorite features is how quickly you can switch between different apps and pages. This is very similar to the Mac multi desktop and window viewing. A simple three finger swipe can allow you to switch pages, minimize all apps and view pages.

Lastly, its great that Windows 10 doesn’t depend so much on a touch screen and is much better with the classic mouse/track-pad. Windows 8 seeming too touch-screen friendly and was strange to use. Overall, Microsoft really smashed it out of the park with their newest OS, including great features that were missing in the last version. Hopefully everyone else has a great experience with Windows 10 too!



Stay tuned here at Bane Tech for more Windows 10 coverage. As always we like to report our experience with technology to you. Be on the lookout for a full review along with reviews of elements of Windows 10. Also, when more Team Bane Tech members get Windows 10 installed they will add to this post. So check back soon and we will update our social media feeds as those new additions come in.

Need help getting Windows 10 installed? Follow Kai’s guide here.


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