We Wish You A Merry Christmas. The Source of Hope.

Hope is a confident expectation. 

Luke 2:8

People waist time and stress on what might happen. 

There was hope during the CT School shooting. One person did an evil act. But there were dozens that were hoping. 

We have to be linked to hope. So when something happens we are prepared. 


Job 17:13

1 Timothy 6:17

There is one thing that is guaranteed which are eternal things. 


1. God’s PRESENCE. 

Psalm 62:5. 

My strength comes from His presence. 

Romans 15:13

Get in a place and worship Him. Draw, paint, sing. 

A moment in His presence changes everything. 

“And they went into His presence.”

In our culture we learn to live on fumes. Our own strength. We get a high and then we start to live on our own strength. 

Isaiah 40:31

2. God’s Word

Psalm 119:81

Lamentations 3:21-23

If you want sympathy go to a friend. If you want solutions go to a mentor. 

3. God’s Process. 

Use the dark and hard times. 

Romans 5:2-4

Hope is not a blind optimism. 

Turn the bad situation around. Make the best of it. Learn something. 

Romans 8:28

No pain no gain is not just for physical but for spiritual. 

What can I get here?

4. God’s Purpose. 

Something solid. 

We have to know the reason why God created us. You can have the right job, stuff and relationship but you still need to know why you were created. 

Jeremiah 29:11

Hope and future are connected. 

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